Program Brief

A bi-monthly program that would pave the way for recognition of deserving sales staff by giving them continuous product and technical trainings in cooperation with trainers from leading IT vendors.

Each half day session would showcase multiple, non-competing vendors on one platform with a 45-minute presentation of each vendor's products' sales training, selling USPs, technical insights and customer handling techniques. Q & A time included in the 45 minutes timeframe.

How it works

candidates will be pre-screened after initial registrations based on recommendations from leading resellers.

Participants will attend interactive presentations by vendors that will provide opportunities for enterprising candidates to showcase their Salesman skills.

Candidates will also be assessed on various parameters including attendance and consistency throughout the six bi monthly sessions until the end of the year. (Parameters will be decided by a panel of judges from the industry).

The first of these workshops will be conducted in January (Date and Venue will be communicated to participating candidates).

At the end of each session, there will also be short quizzes as well as other activities to evaluate each candidate's Sales Quotient.

Candidates will carry over their points to the successive sessions and their aggregate at the end of the third session will help decide the mega winner.